Ayumi Hamasaki, Adorable incredible songs of Japanese favorites!!


【Ayumi Hamasaki "Key"】

Hi, guys!!

I am continuing the theme "Japanese style Wedding party sound track", but...

"Koiiro" by Miho Nakayama, played during our Candle service, The song was deleted by king record...

"Can't take my eyes off of you" by Tommy February 6, played on the Bride re-entering the hall was also have deleted by Sony music & Warner Music Japan from the internet, So...

I can only be able to attach the song "Key" by Ayumi Hamasaki, Which has played on the exit scene for the preparation of Bride dress change!!

How stuuuuuuuuuuuuupid they are!!

I just want to introduce these spectacular songs, but no full music,even no short sample MVs so...

I could not be able to show you the magnificence of these songs!!

I strongly recommends to theoe companies to...

Not considering immediate loss, Think to get the long span profits...

They must accept to leave their rights secured songs on the internet, If they want to promote to sell these good songs!!

Ahaha...Gone out of control again!!

Anyway...I still have a significant song, "Key" by Ayumi Hamasaki!!

So...let's shift for the introduction of a diva, Ayumi Hamasaki, a proud of Japan!!


"Kagayakitai" Miho Morikawa : Japanese style Wedding Party Sound Tracks Part 2

Very Impressive emotional songs!!

【Miho Morikawa "Kagayakitai"(Be much brighter)】


I am very happy if you are waiting for our new article, but I can assume to estimate only a very few generous people are kindly reading our articles...

by not having any comment at all from the beginning (;_;)

Anyway, I know our blog contents do not attract people at all...But does not matter!! I go my way...Oops...This blog is for Me and My girlfriends...Sorry I will keep trying to charm people more!!

Ahaha...Expressing my whine from the start, but...

Throw away messy crap sentence, Let's shift to the theme...

 Japanese Style Wedding Party Part 2...the our way (^^)/


Japanese style wedding party: Actual flow and the practice!!

It is common to open a Wedding Party at a Hotel だぞっ(笑) 

【AKB48 "Shiawase Wo Wakenasai"(Share your happiness)】

Hi, guys!!

Today, I introduce you the common Japanese style of weddings in now days!!

Firstly, take a look at the below graph!!

*Researched by the wedding magazine "Jaran"

As you can see, Japanese people do not take wedding parties at shrines and temples like in the past!!

Unfortunately, It is common to take a wedding party at a Hotel,  and the style are shifting from the Japanese way to the Western way!!

Ahaha...Stop a difficult explanation so far...

I assume that you guys are interested in present Japanese Wedding party, so...

Let's move on to the explanations!!


Shoko Inoue, A talented singer song writer from Japan!!

Like a fresh mellow breeze of spring!! 

【Koi ha Liberty(Love is liberty)】


Sorry, I apologize for not making a new article for a long time, but...

Oops...Nobody has waiting our article??

Well, well, well...if so..it doesn't matter...I go my own way anyway(^^)

Pull over from the trashy whine feeling...

I introduce you guys, Shoko Inoue!!


5 important points to know, before come to Japan!!

How to deal with Japanese people!!

Hi, guys!!


Today, I write about how to get happiness here in Japan!!


Sadly, many foreigners are failed to have happy life in Japan completely!!


However all Japanese have gentle hearts to share our happiness with you...


So...Please do not hesitate to come over!!



Japanese style Wedding Party Sound Tracks Part 1 : Sugar "Wedding bell"

Shocking phrases...Go to hell...amen!!

【Youtube "Wedding Bell (ウェディングベル)"】

Hi, fellows!!


Today, I introduce you a new theme..."Japanese Wedding Party Sound Tracks", which We have used at our own wedding party!!

今日は新しいテーマ・・・私たちの結婚式で使用した”Japanese Wedding Party Sound Tracks”を紹介しちゃうぞ!!

The song "Wedding Bell", presented by a JPOP Girls band called "Sugar"!!

これってシュガーというJPOPガールズバンドが提供してるWedding Bellって歌なんです!!

This song was played on the end of our wedding party, when we send off the invited guests at the exit along with both families!!


Generally, that time is the most emotional scenes at the entire party!!


But I have a crooked mind, so....I have asked my bride to accept to play the above music for shift their emotional to the laughable atmosphere!!


Ahaha...Because that particular song has a potential to destroy the emotional impressive feelings completely!!


If you understand Japanese words...When You have listened the above MV, You completely recognise it well(^^)


Look...Especially the chorus part...Kutabacchimae Amen♡ (くたばっちまえ アーメン)...It is definitely not matches to impressive wedding scenes...right?? (^^)


Ahaha...It's amazing!!


Really...This song completely does not fit to solemnity wedding party much, I strongly wanted to use this song!!


But Please do not misunderstand the meaning of the phrase...Kutabacchimae...is a word to the Groom, who deserted ex girlfriend (Singer) and shift for to get married with a new girl friend!!


Oops...The meaning of Kutabacchimae(くたばっちまえ) is "Go to hell"...So, She said "Amen" afterwords(^^)


As you know our Japanese culture, easily can accept all good things from different cultures!!


But sometimes we misunderstand the actual meanings of the phrases and behavior quite often!!


This is the particular point of this matter...


She believes that her behavior will forgiven by the god...speaking out a single word "amen" by the god, even if she cursed the Groom at a church!!


Sorry...guys...The most of Japanese people are non-religious people...No...I have to say...We believe Jesus Christ, Buddha, and our original 8 million Gods of Shinto too!!


Hence, Japanese people believes Heaven, fear of hell, and the punishments from all religious gods!!


Therefore...She is not meant to be disrespect your god, so please forgive our immature behavior!!



MISIA Japanese best singer makes you instinctively be impressed!!

Experience MISIA's overwhelming ability!!

【Youtube MISIA "Aitakute Ima (あいたくていま=逢いたくていま)"】

Hi, guys!!

やあ みんな!!

Today, I introduce you, MISIA, The best high talented singer ever existed in Japan!!


Ahaha...Exaggerated too much??


However, The above description is not far beyond from actual Japanese music scenes.


Once you have heard her songs, You will realize to know the splendicity, so...


You might be regret to say, why you did not born as a Japanese!!


Ahaha...But You are lucky enough to be here in this high-tech era!!


Good Songs can easily exceed cultural differences!!


Feel our emotional songs!!


You may cry...but be aware of not wasting too much tissue papers (^^)/